ESPRESSO COFFEE – A blend of DRUGAR coffee with Robusta whole beans coffee 250g


Whole beans coffee


About Our Coffee

Every single Coffee Bean of Bushbuck Coffee is the Saga from the lands of Mt Elgon in East Africa, which is the Habitat of the Washed Bugisu Arabica Coffee. Bushbuck brings you the best of the “Mount Elgon Nyasaland Variety” of Arabic Coffee known for its intense aroma with a nutty flavor – just perfect to make your day.

Our Coffee Experts who breathe coffee, precisely procure the coffee beans with the high-quality standards set for Bushbuck Coffee. We work with the best of the farmers who master the art of the best coffee farming in the region.

Our roasters master the traditional art of understanding the specific origin and roast degree of each coffee, enhancing the intense flavor that can be traced back to its earliest beginnings.

Bushbuck Coffee is all about its profound and passionate coffee experts who thrive for “Consistency and Quality” for every coffee bean we roast and pack for your that “relaxing cup of coffee” or “get going cup of coffee.”

Product Details

Roast profile: – Dark Roast

Grind – Whole beans coffee

Cup profile – Bittersweet with spicy/winey/floral notes with elevated caffeine content and good body.

Package size – 250g and 500g

Blend suitable for Espresso and Mocha pot brewing


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